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Партнерская программа - отличный способ для агентств и индивидуальных брокеров добавить мотивированных клиентов в их портфель сделок без внесения ежемесячной или авансовой комиссии, всего лишь% комиссионного вознаграждения после закрытия транзакции.

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Build Your Business

Continue to grow your current business independently to Cian and we’ll contact you for viewing or an offer on the properties you have added to the platform.

Partner with Cian and close more deals

Get Serious Clients

We don’t sell leads. We help to facilitate more business for the resale properties in your portfolio. Utilizing algorithmic ranking & property matching combined with viewing bookings and online offer, our clients convert 4x better than comparable property marketplaces

Agent Requirements

Register your details HERE

  • A minimum of 20 direct resale listings
  • DBD company registration in real estate
  • A history of transactions in your territory
  • Commitment to update property listings

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Tell us more about your business via this application form. Afterwards our team will connect with you to discuss the details.
No. Listing on our platform is entirely free. This is a pay-at-close program, which means there are no upfront costs. Once a deal is closed, your brokerage receives commission on standard co-broke terms.
Currently, we are offering 50/50 - Based on the commitment that the partner agent and Cian will follow their scope of work.
Demand varies by market, but as a rule of thumb - The higher quality of inventory, the more potential to close deals.
The minimum requirement is 20 direct-to-owner listings. If you fulfill this requirement, then register now s a partner
Option 1 - Via Listing Form on cian.fazwaz.com
Option 2 - Via our Listing Sheet for mass onboarding
Option 3 - Contact partners@fazwaz.com for XML specifications
The Partner Agent Program emphasizes resale properties directly from owners. Unless you list properties on the secondary market, any unit from the Developer may be a duplicate already listed on the system
Our 6 key markets include Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Samui. We are looking to expand our coverage and see demand for other locations.
We will send you monthly emails with details on how potential clients are engaging with your listings.
Upon written notice, we will remove your properties from our platform within 14 days, no strings attached.
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